Tips and Tricks for Enhancing the Flavor of your E-Juice


Who wants to experience a disgusting taste of smoke when you can experience flavors that burst in your mouth that are mind blowing? In order to taste exploding flavors it is important to let the e-juice steep for at least a few days before you vape it. The longer you let the flavor steep, the more enhanced the flavor will become. When choosing a flavor, it is important to go with flavors that make your taste buds explode, there is nothing wrong with going outside of the box. It is also important not to stick to one flavor, if you do you may get what we like to call a “vapor tongue”. This is where you are using the same flavor and you are no longer able to taste that flavor, this is why mixing it up is very important in your vaping experience.

It is important to not mix large amounts when testing out a new recipe, I recommend mixing no more than 5ml. It is important to test out small quantities, just in case the flavor is not for you.

Before adding a flavor, it is important to shake the bottle, so that the flavors are not separated. This will allow you to get the full effect.

If you want to enhance your flavors, then purchasing a flavor booster is for you. The flavor booster is a fusion of rich flavors mixed with delicate layers of mind blowing tones. A flavor booster will enhance the flavor, help neutralize the liquid, and will increase the production of the vapor. When using the flavor booster it is important to first add four drops of the booster per 1mL, shake the mixture, then vape away. This booster will allow you to feel a difference right away. The flavor is known to steep for only 45 minutes in order to get a strong flavor. The boost does not contain any nicotine, so levels will be safe. It is important to know that with the flavor booster, a little goes a long way. A 30 mL bottle of flavor booster last up to ten 30mL bottles of liquid e-juice.

When you’re using e-juice it is important to use a fresh atomizer. When the atomizer is old, then the flavors will be dull. You will not get to experience the burst of flavor flowing through your mouth. Make sure that the atomizer is low resistance, the hotter they burn, the better the flavor.

If you’re looking to sweeten the flavor of your e-juice I highly recommend you look into vegetable glycerin. This is a thick fluid that you add to your e-juice flavor that will make it sweeter.